Cover Image

I need a cover image for the greenlight entry. Which one do you prefer ? v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 v6

v0.6.1 fix a major bug

Download I’m so sorry about that. The problem was related to the load of the local player data. Some parameters were not properly initialized when upgrading from v0.5.1 to v0.6.0. It’s not fixed.

v0.6.0 is out!

Download link Updated UI color of the loading bar Added Camera Manager. During race or replay, use ‘c’ or ‘shift’ + ‘c’ to change camera type. Use ‘v’ or ‘shift’ + ‘v’ to change camera view. Added following view to chase camera: default, close, far, surf. Added following view to […]

Music selection

I have been looking for musics for PolyRace for a long time and I started to make a list of what could be the music of the game. They all fit a fast racing game like PolyRace. The most I like in the playlist is “Drifter” : You can […]

Level procedural generation

Hereunder is a video showing the procedural level generation that I will use in the racing game. The idea is that the player progresses inside a corridor between hills and mountains. The next steps are: Manage collision between the world and racer Diversify the level generation Create obstacles like rocks […]

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